Welcome to Grab Memories!

My first blog post explained why I was doing this project. It is sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating but along with working on the family tree it is always rewarding.

WHY PRIVATE GALLERIES? I have password protected most of the photos because children aren't old enough to choose having their photos on world wide display. I have also included files of old photos of my extended families in the password section because I didn't know if they would also mind having their photos published for the general public. In the "Places Galleries" there are some photos I have found on the internet and I don't want Google indexing them. So there are a lot of reasons for needing a password. These Galleries are intended only for family use.

If you know our family and want the password to view these photos please contact me and I'll email it to you. There is a place to comment on each photo so you can add to our family story.

Any photo to which you have access can be easily downloaded to your computer and you're welcome to save them. However, for photos in the password protected section (especially of children) if you intend to repost them on the net please ask permission of the person or the parent.

Our family tree is hosted on WikiTree.Com. When you click on our family tree link it will open in a new page or tab and you will be on my page on our family tree. To protect family privacy most of the files there you will need to be invited to view. If you are related to me there is probably a page for you there already. You can contact me and I will send you and invitation to view our entire tree.

This site is organized in Groups and from there into Albums. Groups are shown by a file folder. Some groups contain subgroups before you get to albums. The "Places Galleries" usually doesn't contain photos of any people. Rather they are a picture history (including newspaper articles) of our family. There is an extensive Cocoa Beach Gallery.

There are links on all the photos to order photo copies and products. This is done through zenfolio's providers and I don't have any control over the prices or the products. Zenfolio is used by thousands of professional photographers from around the world so I believe the products are good ones. I haven't included links to order prints because it would be much cheaper for you to download the photos and print them either at home or in a local store.

Grab Memories is a huge ongoing project as I start to scan and keyword photos and slides taken before digital photography and try and organize my digital photos and those from family. I would like to include some of your photos here thus adding to our family story for everyone. If you have your family photos stored elsewhere I would appreciate a link to share with family here.

Grab Memories is all about backing up, saving to a safe place and sharing with as many interested family members and friends as possible. I pay for unlimited storage here and I'm happy to share this safe in the cloud resource at no cost to you if you want a safe place to store and exhibit your photos and if you are a family member. If you would prefer your own zenfolio site ($60.00 a year for unlimited uploads) then email me for a coupon code that will make the first year cheaper. Zenfolio includes a built in blog and is easily customized and password protected. All your full size originals are saved to their servers.

Thanks for visiting!

gail cox